“My heart is just too dark to care”




The violence is everywhere and it has been the part of our civilisation since the early ages. But in recent time, when digital technology has erased the borders between fiction and reality, we live in the world of controversial dominance of violence, hating passion, sadism and sick sexual philosophy. The most of them are wrapped in the package that is ready to be sold out in the never-ending space of dark web and for the purpose of mentally disordered individuals or even mass.


The rise of Internet and secret  online distribution of “banned things” has helped the birth of the group of people who enjoy violent scenes, aggressive material and sadistic exploitation of others. As always, the money makers have hurried to come out with the different content and to attract the users to spend million of dollars for purchasing something what is beyond imaginable: blood, suffering and finally death.


That is how we open the chapter of the SNUFF FILM or SNUFF MOVIE, wondering if that really exist. According to urban dictionary, that is a special form of movie that literally shows the real violent event, including homicide or suicide. It could be made for commercial purposes when it actually abuse the real tragic situation or it could be set-up for the malign appetite of the customers. However, it is very hard to define what is a real snuff movie and if it is a real scream-murder or just a setting. If we reach out the deepest parts of dark net, we will definitely face up with the notorious crimes and terrible evidences of human psychopathy. The term snuff has been mentioned first time in the popular book of  Ed Sanders “The Family: The Story of Charles Manson’s Dune Buggy Attack Battalion” because he wanted to explain how the cult has been filmed  their killing spree in August of 1969.  The original footage has never been found by police but rumors have never been actually gone.


The public has never been sure what is the phenomena of snuff movie and how they could be detected. Then, many have believed that is an urban legend until lots of cases have confirmed that such movies are anything but urban legend. According to Dr Pixie du Toit, a forensic criminologist:”They do exist, especially related to the shocking discovery of 18-year-old Tanya Flowerday’s gruesome rape and murder, which was all captured on video.Flowerday is believed to be South Africa’s first snuff-movie victim.These ‘home movies’ belonging to sex murderers who had filmed their victims. These murderers often sold their videos to the underworld.Such movies were found mostly in other countries”

Basically, the original murder could be committed in one country, then it is distributed through the dark web to the customers in other countries and  for police is very hard to define the first crime and the country of origin.The main problem with snuff movies is the nature of the crime. You never know if is it the movie of cheap production made up for sick masses or the reality of murder that has its place, time and real victim.


I would say that pornographic material that includes child molesting and raping as well as the uncut raping or murdering of animals is the first phase of snuff movies, the researching of the market and its own dark potential. For such kind of graphic content, there are a lot of those who are interested to watch and share with their unstable fellows.


Have you ever heard of Luka Magnotta? Let’s say he was one of the modern snuff movie pioneers that have shared his videos online, the way he is killing and eating his victims. But in spite of the fact that he was enough smart to protect his identity, he was identified and arrested in Germany , because the international authorities have been contacted by several websites for the “unusual films” of Mr. Magnotta:“The video of Magnotta apparently killing what authorities now believe was Chinese student Jun Lin to the soundtrack of New Order’s ‘True Faith,’was available online roughly 5 days before authorities became aware of him. Entitled 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick, It was emailed by an unidentified person to and, and reblogged by Most viewers of the video, judging from their comments, were somewhat shocked, but mostly detached.”


The sadistic person like Luka Magnotta has started filming killing of people after he became popular for showing the killing of poor and innocent animals. He was dreaming about movie career and his popularity in online universe has encouraged him to go one step forward and to make hits with humans.

It is very interesting to read what administrators and webmasters of popular and graphic websites think of this kind of lunacy. They got a million of graphic and strange materials and they never really believe it is a fact that has happened somewhere and to someone. As one of them said, in one second of time, they knew they must contact the police and warn about the person who is behind the possible crime. Those type of sites are names as gore sites and gore users. It is a special category that enjoy to see bloody and uncensored material, from the daily situations. The political executions, professional murders, beheadings, terrible rapping….all what is under the scene of normal and fictive. They want real blood and real flesh for their own entertainment. Those sites are often controlled by law enforcements and global agreement on censure of graphic videos but it doesn’t mean that those sites can not show the snuff film, packed in the cheap dress of home made video. The psychologist usually describe the people who seek this type of material as misanthrops but with malign intentions. Unfortunately, those people are mostly very well skilled and with regular jobs, happy families and interesting hobbies. You won’t find them in basements of their parents but on some expensive cocktail party.


What is very important is to know to make difference between snuff film made for commercial purpose and sadistic video that has nothing to do with business. The both of them are harmful and sick but one even dares to ask for economical satisfaction and another for dark celebrity aura. There were authors who claim that snuff movies do not exist on Dark Web and that movies like Dnepropetrovsk maniacs what shows the killing of poor homeless man and Daisy’s Destruction-the raping and killing of poor child aren’t those we must declare as snuff movies with the commercial demands. Mostly because they could be found easily on regular Internet fields.


I believe that snuff movies exist and they are all over the Internet, hidden behind another names or extensions, so the criminologists, police officers and journalists have problem to find them and drag them into the surface, looking for a victim with the name and destiny.


The law enforcement is doing an excellent job to cover the channels that lead to the main distribution cores of the Dark Web and to study the material that is transferred from one point to the another. As always, the sick mind is progressed and will do anything possible to keep going with madness and protect its own madness or its own bloody money source. As a human race, we are going back on our evolutionary road. We are getting worse and the rise of snuff films just confirm the worst expectations.









  1. Consistently, I am intrigued by and learn from the psychologically-orientated articles Sarah publishes on her invaluable website. The paradoxes and ambiguities alluded to in this neoteric article upon Snuff films captivated my attention, immediately. Like Sarah, I make efforts to comprehend why the human psyche behaves the way it does (i.e. malignantly and otherwise).

    Her excellent and brilliantly-written article on Snuff films brought to mind a particular fictional character in the film entitled ‘Kafka’ (1991); which was based upon the novels of the Czech author Franz Kafka (1883-1924) ‘The Castle’ (1926) and ‘The Trial’ (1915). The Secret Police in Prague (set in 1919) use a brain-damaged man as a clandestine weapon to murder Socialist activists working against the government.

    I mention this because policing agencies and intelligence service bodies of Occidental powers (in particular, the CIA) have been manipulating and using individuals with abnormal brains for millennia (the Roman ancient elite employed this tactic to eradicate rivals, occasionally). The violence of the crimes cannot be easily traced to the manipulators and this is why they use individuals like this. For example, there is a conspiracy theory that Mark Chapman, the assassin of John Lennon, was trained by the CIA in Lebanon (I spoke with people there who alluded to this): the assassination was done in military style and not how a lunatic without any extraneous control might do it. Reminiscent of The Manchurian Candidate (1959).

    It is well known that the US-military advertises for potential recruits via online pornographic magazines, online weapons magazines and so on; anything related to the primordial mind. The elite require minds that are easily manipulated and may have definitive psychopathic tendencies that can be unleashed on an enemy, but controlled, nonetheless. When control is lost, the culprits are never prosecuted nor even known (i.e. the senior officers and their elite employers);as in the case of the Mahmudiyah rape and killings that involved the gang-rape and killing of 14-year-old Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and the murder of her family by US-Army soldiers on March 12th, 2006. The military screens recruits, thoroughly, but has sovereign immunity from prosecution (i.e. cannot be tried for war crimes – The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial statutes were designed to punish senior officers and government officials, nevertheless).

    Dr Robert Heath (1915-1999), North American psychiatrist of Tulane University, performed experiments on 42 patients with schizophrenia and prisoners in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, between 1946-1970. The experiments were funded by the US-Army and the CIA. In the studies, he dosed them with LSD and Bulbocapnine, and implanted electrodes into the septal area of the brain to stimulate it and take EEG readings. They were given methylphenidate to see the effect on their minds.

    It is not improbable that certain contemporaneous policing agencies and intelligence services use individuals with violent psychological issues to eradicate investigative journalists, environmental activists, etc., because it is so difficult to make the connection to them.

    The only film I have viewed that is related to the issue of Snuff films is titled ‘8mm’ (1999); a German-North American co-production. It concentrates on what Sarah alludes to in her article about Snuff being connected to educated/cultivated and privileged individuals (i.e. pillars of society that appear to be in possession of refined minds): private investigator Tom Welles (played by Nicholas Cage) is contacted by the lawyer for a wealthy widow, whose husband has recently died. While clearing out her late husband’s safe, she found an 8 mm movie which appears to depict a real murder, but the widow wants to know for certain. The last words the audience hears are ‘Save me…’

    Another film which alludes to Snuff, but does not directly reference it, is ‘The Whistleblower’ (2010); inspired by the factual story of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska police officer who was recruited as a United Nations peacekeeper for DynCorp International in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1999. While there, she discovered a sex trafficking ring serving (and facilitated by) DynCorp employees, with the UN’s SFOR peacekeeping force turning a blind eye and even being involved. Kathryn Bolkovac was fired and forced out of the country, after attempting to shut down the ring. She took the story to BBC News. Arguably, some of those former-Yugoslavian girls caught up in the vicious prostitution enterprise were murdered in ‘Snuff’ films.

    Also, we need to ask why certain erotic literature became so popular; such as the erotica of the Marquis de Sade (1740-1814), depicting sexual fantasies with an emphasis on violence, criminality and debauchery (e.g. murdering a girl at the moment of orgasm). He was an exponent of extreme psychological freedoms. He was incarcerated in various French prisons and an insane asylum for about 32 years of his life. Many of his works were written in prison. During the French Revolution of 1789, he was an elected delegate to The National Convention.

    Sarah ends her remarkable article with a plea to the public to inform the authorities of any suspicious behaviours associated with Snuff films, but the authorities are obliged to make decisions on who to investigate: it is unlikely they will investigate an elite person, for fear of reprisals, etc. For example, the brilliant attorney Jim Garrison (1921-1992), who investigated the assassination of US-President John F. Kennedy, was threatened by the US-government and policing agencies to drop his case against Clay Shaw (1913-1974); a powerful and influential businessman (later, known to be a CIA operative) who had a history of violent homosexuality. Clay Shaw was acquitted and the violence of his private life was silenced by the mainstream media.

    There are girls across the world who need protection from primordial minds, and this requires the dedication of earthbound angels like Sarah…

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  2. Thank you, Sarah, for your excellent article!
    It really brings to light yet another mystery!

    It appears that the “human” psyche is getting worse by the day ! More and more people are interested in dark movies and dark thoughts, which is scary, as this threatens life as we knew it.

    One way of solving this problem is to promulgate extremely strict laws that punish such perpetrators by putting them in jail for life without parole ! This would act as a deterrent for those perpetrators with twisted minds !

    We appreciate your extensive research and your hard work ! Your article has definitely been enlightening in so many ways !

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  3. Thank you, Sarah, for an excellent and brilliant article. I fully agree with you Sarah that the snuff movies terribly exist everywhere including the internet, and without the brilliant job by the law enforcement, locally and internationally, the situation would have been much worse and darker. I just can’t comprehend or stop thinking that why would a human being, which is created of finest possibilities, behaves in such evil way. It must be the absence of God from the hearts of these criminals.


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