“Our lives begin to end  the day we become silent about things that mater.”

Martin Luther King Jr.


Could you imagine the world without something known as feeling of guiltiness ? I am sure that this world is slowly falling down into the jaws of heart’s indifference, soul’s coldness and in the dimension without any compassion. The lack of empathy could be seen everywhere and it doesn’t surprise the amount of misery which affects  all of us, when we are not able to stand up for each others. We don’t want to stand up for each others because that is not our job, we aren’t paid for it. We are not paid to be human beings, we were born like human beings but we evolve ourselves into the social beasts.


Why would some Mark  from the USA be worried about the homeless fellow in France or the happy mother from Germany about the poor single mother from Bolivia? If they have hearts, they will be worried about each one over there, who is fighting the battle against injustice. If they are not concerned, every attempt of myself to change people’s feelings for others is useless. Then, it is too late. But, I still hope that echo of humanity lives within us and that we can reach those who need us, now and always.


According to UNICEF, 1.2 million children go missing worldwide every year and this number is variable because many children are abducted, some are being used for human trafficking and sexual slaves but  some are being killed simply for their organs. The problem is getting worse with each new year, particularly in South America where corrupted hospitals, police and drug cartels work all together for profit.


The Mexican Foundation for the Research on Missing and Abducted children has made one campaign for parents how to protect their school children from being kidnapped. The accent is especially given in  Mexico City and the states of Mexico,  Veracruz and Puebla. The victims are not only children from ordinary Mexican families but also the children and young homeless people because their vanishing can be easily covered and not further investigated. It is not only about the organ harvesting for a  big amount of foreign money which connects and reconnects the businessmen from the USA or the U.K., corrupt Mexican politicians and local authorities  but also the global drug dealers who want the piece of cake.


Dr. Fernando Lopez-Neblina, a surgeon at a hospital in the border town of Mexicali claims that Mexico legal system is not interested to follow the line of forced organ trafficking as well as the victims of random organ trafficking for the purposes of cults. The difference between  one killed for organs such as heart or liver  and one killed for the witchcraft ritual known as “Santa Muerte” or Saint Death is the way of killing and pulling the targeted organ out. When the organ is the part of organized  trafficking chain,  the surgery is mostly precisely done and with a professional style. The cult fanaticism allows the monstrous destruction of the victim.


images (1).jpg

The police in Mexico’s western state of  Michoacan has a direct war with the members of the Knights Templar cartel because it has been accused for kidnapping children to harvest their organs and sell them abroad. The last incident was in 2014 when Michoacan state Public Safety Secretary Carlos Castellanos Becerra stated  that Manuel Plancarte Gaspar was part of the cartel’s organ-trafficking ring. It seems that police here is doing its job but only because of the public pressure and media accusations that it is too much corrupted and in the shadow of drug money infusion to the highest authorities. The experts who broke this ring were reporting that the gang kidnapped children, brought them to the rented homes with medical equipment where the hired professionals would remove their young organs and send them to the final client through the developed network of organized crime:“Plancarte Gaspar is the nephew of Enrique Plancarte Solis, a top Knights Templar leader.Mexican authorities have said drug trafficking is no longer the top source of income for the Knights Templar, which was once a top producer of crystal meth. The officials say the cartel’s main sources of income are illegal mining, illegal logging and extortion.” However, the years back were the horrible for parents whose children have been abducted and never really found but only urban legends have been shared. The all kidnapped children have been the children from the Mexico City schools whose blood samples have been directed to the drug cartel members through the one school member, usually one who was enough paid to share the important and clarified data with the third parties.


The catholic missionaries are trying to break this terrible line of abuse of people and children but they asked for help from American officials because the crime has help from the both side. One Mexican militiaman said :“In Villa Victoria-Chinicuila, almost near to Jalisco, at a checkpoint there was stopped a truck with frozen bodies, some were children and they were missing some organs …no one knew what happened to them … From one year to date there has been seen naked, open bodies, with nothing inside” The necessity to rip out organs and to sell them comes from the black market’s demands. The price can go from  $ 100,000 or $ 150,000 for every body and the point is to find those whose medical picture is ideal or the most ideal to those who are searching for organs. The first targets are definitely the poor families of immigrants or the homes for street children. The criminals know that if they abduct anyone who has roots or some kind of power, the police will open the case. When they kidnap street children or kill some young biker on the street, performing the traffic accident, they will be spared from police investigation. What we know is totally disturbing, 98% of crimes in Mexico is always unsolved.



Mexico has a very sensible social atmosphere now, ruined by poverty and tensions among classes. The rich and the poor. The corrupted layers of the government in between. You can not count on your police to protect you or to save you because they are all colored by drug money as an award for “good job” and “closed eyes” on cartel’s crime. But you can maybe count on the Christian militia:”The Christian militia is called Los Autodefensas, and they began as a response to the horrific and satanic murders done by the drug cartel, and as a result of the utter corruption and evil cooperation the government has with the cartels. The drug cartels, like ISIS, taxes all those who live under their control. A local farmer was unable to pay the extortion tax, and so the cartel kidnapped his children, tied them up and smashed their heads upon rocks. It was against this horrific violence that this militia arose and fought.” Someone said that Mexico is like a nuclear bomb, ready to explode in any moment.


The organ harvesting is internationally organized and leaded. The culpa is not only Mexican but the whole world has participation and contribution in it, encouraging the black organs market and the despaired wealthy recipients to trade someone young life for their survival.   The New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles have “broker friendly” hospitals whose doctors don’t care what is the story behind the new coming organ. The forced organ donation means murder of someone totally innocent but totally acceptable to be sacrificed for new life of someone with golden bank account:”Organ donation is only possible if the organ in question has blood and oxygen flowing through it until the time of harvesting. A living donor can give a whole kidney, a portion of their liver, lung, intestine or pancreas. Otherwise, the donor must be declared brain dead while circulation and oxygenation remain intact.”


Based on some data from 2014, 120,771 people are waiting for organ and about 18 will day every day while waiting so one donor can save up to 8 lives. The rich do not ask for a price and the poor have never been asked for a life or death:”Organ donation is strictly regulated in the US, yet a black market is alive and well. Typically a broker will team up with a funeral home director, forging consent forms and a death certificate to harvest human tissue before the body is cremated or buried. Sometimes organs are harvested from a living victim for compensation. In the worst case it involves kidnapping for the purpose of organ harvesting. Always at the end of the chain is a wealthy recipient, willing to pay big bucks with no questions asked.”

The underground market of body organs can deliver all you can imagine: hearts, lungs, livers but the kidneys are the most valuable. WHO informs that about 7,000 kidneys are illegally taken annually by criminals worldwide and the price depends on the state of the organ.


The huge amount of money is fluctuating in the industry of organs illegally harvested in the poor and corrupt countries like Mexico, Bolivia or Peru.   But, those who really make profits are not only the members of drug gangs but the doctors who were hired to kill for money in local hospitals where is the last destination for many abducted homeless people and children.



Then, there are also tourists who were ended up as the victims of illegal organ chain. That was the case in Brazil. The American couple has never been found until their empty bodies have not been found by hikers by  some forgotten canyon.

Who will protect the poor and weak from the terror of rich and cruel? At the moment when your child is kidnapped, you have already lost the battle with the system which will never support the voiceless. In the time when those who have power use that power for evil, the good people remain silent and afraid to act and to stop the evil in its roots. The organ harvesting is old business and nowadays is helped by political masquerade and criminal influence in all levels of the society. The breaking point is the following: we do not know when starts the crime and when it is ended. All is mixed up and messed up but only dead bodies can remind us who low we have fallen down.

We don’t feel anything anymore.Our hearts are taken away long time ago in some of emotional harvesting storms and now we only have culpa. Nostra culpa.









  1. Again, thank you Sarah for shedding light on this very important topic. It is so sad and deplorable that “human beings ” would commit such crimes against “humanity ” !

    Worse is the fact that these crimes are committed by doctors who are willing to participate in such atrocities for money! Human greed is an inveterate trait in most people, hence the willingness to do anything, irrespective of ethics, in order to achieve their financial goal!

    In order to thwart this network of organ harvesting, the international community has to work together as one entity. Two checkpoints need to be established to stop this unfathomable crime.

    The first checkpoint is regatding the “bad ” doctors performing organ harvesting. The second checkpoint is regarding the “bad” doctors using the harvested organs with no questions asked as to the origin of these organs.

    Thus, all organs have to be traceable to a “willing ” donor! Further, doctor “police”, by dint of man power, i.e. detectives, and surveillance cameras, would keep “bad” doctors from performing organ harvesting at the “giving” end, and from using/transplanting such organs at the “receiving” end!

    This would be an efficient and quick way of breaking the cycle!

    Mankind has sunk to an all-time low! Let’s all work together to end this atrocity!

    Thanks again for bringing this to light!

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  2. Trade in human organs is illegal in many jurisdictions in a number of ways and for various reasons; although, organ trafficking is widespread, as is transplant tourism. The data on the extent of the black market is difficult to obtain. The question of whether to legalize and regulate the organ trade to combat illegal trafficking and organ shortage is debated, nonetheless…

    Research indicates that illegal organ trade is on the rise, with a recent report by Global Financial Integrity estimating that the illegal organ trade generates profits between US$600 million and $1.2 billion per year, with a span over many countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ‘Payment for organs is likely to take unfair advantage of the poorest and most vulnerable groups, undermines altruistic donation and leads to profiteering and human trafficking’.

    Poverty and loopholes in legislation contribute to the illegal trade of organs. Poverty is common in all countries with a large black market for organs. These end up in First World states such as Britain and The United States of America. It is estimated that 42% of transplanted organs come from illegal trafficking in organs.

    In 2011, Scott Carney (North American investigative journalist) coined the term ‘Red Market’, to describe a broad category of economic transactions related to the human body. He argues that advances in Science have served to increase the demand for human body parts. He writes that this increased demand has enabled a vast Red Market, encompassing a wide variety of transactions, from organ sale to organ thievery, ‘bone thievery,’ ‘blood farming,’ and even rented space in women’s wombs. He suggests that commerce in body parts is distinct because bodies are not commodities in a strict sense: straight Commerce in human bodies reduces a human life to its ‘meat value’.

    The Declaration of Istanbul was created at the Istanbul Summit on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism held in early-2008 in Istanbul, Turkey. The Declaration clarifies the issues of transplant tourism, trafficking and commercialism and provides ethical guidelines for practice in organ donation and transplantation. Since the creation of the declaration, over 100 countries have endorsed the principles. Some nations have subsequently strengthened their laws against commercial organ trade; including China, Israel, the Philippines and Pakistan.

    Many people in The United States of America believe that adopting a system for regulating organ trading similar to Iran’s will help to decrease the national shortage of kidneys. They argue that the US-government could adopt similar policies to promote accountability, ensure safety in surgical practices, employ vendor registries, and provide donors with lifetime care. They further argue that private insurance companies would be invested in providing such care for donors, and that laws could be enacted to make long-term care an inviolable condition of any donation agreement.

    Sarah’s article emphasizes the present issues the world of humans is confronted with, in the context of the illicit trade in human body parts. I can only admire and appreciate her investigative journalism efforts and express my personal hope that she will continue to dedicate herself to the revelations she shares with the general public… On behalf of those who peruse your articles, thank you!

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  3. I have to question the Federal guidelines for American hospitals, which require a minimum amounts of transplant surgeries each year , as playing an unintended role in this crisis. When I read about transplant teams promising an organ in 45 days average wait time, I can’t help but wonder how that is possible. The numbers of missing American teenagers also raises a red flag. Where are they disappearing to?
    Is this all an unfortunate accident or is there a deliberate and evil method behind this madness?
    The number one negative health consequence from the operation of nuclear power plants is heart damage. We have so called climate scientists and the engineers that make up the global nuclear cartel promoting nuclear energy as clean and green. Illinois has more nuclear power plants than any other state and companies like Exelon have their lobbyists running the E.P.A. This creates jobs which poison us all slowly and invisibly, then. create a huge heart transplant and cancer care industries which also influence policy makers and drive the American economy. It’s a sick world we live in these days. Literally.
    Now, we are talking about universal healthcare. We already have tax penalties for not buying health insurance. So it’s not just the rich who can get an organ in 45 days. Anyone with MediCaid can get a new heart at hospitals like Inova in Fairfax, Virginia, for example. The poor people are driving the transplant economy too and feeding off the poorer people South of the border, I am afraid.
    We have aging decrepit nuclear power plants all over America that will cause the sacrafice of innocent children in so many evil ways if we don’t shut this filthy industry down. I pray for all the children living on this sick planet. May justice prevail.


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