The ideology as itself is a very sensitive issue these days when we cant miss the news without damages caused by  terrorism ruled by ideology. In the last 20-30 years, instead of communist, capitalist or simply green  ideology, we got rise of  Islamic ideology which was adopted by certain extremist groups and  implemented through so many violent actions.In that way, Islamic Religion became hijacked by Islamic Ideology what is softly killing the host and takes over all ingredients in needs for survival.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS-ISIL-DAESH) currently leads the terror in the name of their God, justifying all of misery they bring by Holy Qur’an or at least by some parts they claim they understand. The Islamic Terrorism should be divided into two parts. The period before ISIS when some Islamic oriented terrorist groups made attacks against infidels but they didn’t organize the massive genocides against non-Muslims and Muslims too(ie: Al Qaeda) The period after ISIS proclaimed itself as a new Caliphate machinery when the problem of understanding their ideology drags also the elements of religion and their demonization by rest of the civilized and endangered world.

First of all, I believe me must meet the criteria for analyzing the Holy Book of Muslim people. The Noble Qur’an. It is not enough to read it without having a preliminary historical knowledge about the events and situations which have been described there. It is also not effective if we read it with some prejudices or even hatred as it is used to be often, especially when you are informed constantly by all media that you are kafir , according to that Book, and as one of them, you will be killed by followers of Prophet Mohammad(s.a.v.s.) religion. The Holy Qur’an is a sacral religious document which unites all teachings delivered to the last Prophet of God, Prophet Mohammad(s.a.v.s.) and it is very important part of the Islamic Religion  and soul of all Muslim believers. The Noble Qur’an should be understood in the right light, considering its dualistic nature and the possible problem about the following interpretations. The dualism in Muslim Holy Book as well as negative interpretation by so called scholars but I  rather call them well dressed extremists is something which  hit the people in the worst way. The dream team of disasters. The complexity of this religion and the ignorance of interpreters merged with evil interests to escalate problems is a formula of hell without hell.

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So, we must realize that Holy Qur’an has dual nature which allows the extremists to use what they and how they want, making total social and system  disturbances in the name of faith. We will usually hear that The Holy Qur’an is not changed as many other holy Scriptures but what is behind that story. Bill Warner, expert for Political Islam studies offers some of the  explanations in his book about Political Islam :”The Koran we have today was created or brought together by the third caliph Uthman. It is said that Muslims were beginning to say that there were many versions of the Koran and there would soon be error. So Uthman, as absolute ruler, called in all of the Korans and turned them over to a secretary.It was the secretary’s job to compile the new Koran. After it was put together Uthman did something that was very telling. He burned all the original source material. As a result of the burning of all the source Korans, Muslims like to boast today that their Koran has no variation, that it was delivered  in this exact form from Allah and the lack of variations shows its perfection. And then they point to variations in Biblical texts as a proof of corruption of the texts.”

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Religion is a very dangerous question and if you dig too much, you could bury up yourself. Without telling and retelling, faith and strict belief in all from above, the religion wouldn’t exist today. The same is with all religions and the Islam also requires absolute submission and faith in all what is proclaimed in Holy Qur’an, consisted of 112 chapters or suras. It is not one line leaded Holy Book. One will have many problems to follow the main story, displaced in so many chapters and some of them are starting with one and being ended with another. It is not something you can read without pushing yourself to learn how to read it without being trapped in understanding it wrongly. To understand Holy Qur’an you need to make time order and to make your own historical highlights of the verses. You need to divide the stories in Holy Qur’an from the stories you know from the Holy Books of Judaism and Christianity. It seems that all of them are the same but still they arent.

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The central point of Holy Qur’an and our goals to achieve the total understanding of it should found in the issue about kafir or kuffr. This part is very interesting to me because of the maths here. 64% of Holy Qur’an plays on Kafir and only 36% on Muslims like it is better to explain what Muslims shouldnt be than what they should be.

The dual nature of Holy Qur’an comes when we elaborate the issue of Kafir. Who are kuffr? Those who reject Allah (swt) and His Prophet Mohammad(s.a.v.s.) or those who accept shirk? According to one theory, People of the Book are Jews and Christians and they arent considered as kuffr and they should be protected and sheltered if they ask for it. But here is the sura which thinks different

“Before, as guidance for the people. And He revealed the Qur’an. Indeed, those who disbelieve in the verses of Allah will have a severe punishment, and Allah is exalted in Might, the Owner of Retribution.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:4)

“It is He who has sent down to you, [O Muhammad], the Book; in it are verses [that are] precise – they are the foundation of the Book – and others unspecific. As for those in whose hearts is deviation [from truth], they will follow that of it which is unspecific, seeking discord and seeking an interpretation [suitable to them]. And no one knows its [true] interpretation except Allah . But those firm in knowledge say, “We believe in it. All [of it] is from our Lord.” And no one will be reminded except those of understanding.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:7)

“Indeed, those who disbelieve – never will their wealth or their children avail them against Allah at all. And it is they who are fuel for the Fire.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:10)

“Say to those who disbelieve, “You will be overcome and gathered together to Hell, and wretched is the resting place.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:12)

Finally, here is one which is so exploited by extremists about the final battle between believers and disbelievers.

“Already there has been for you a sign in the two armies which met – one fighting in the cause of Allah and another of disbelievers. They saw them [to be] twice their [own] number by [their] eyesight. But Allah supports with His victory whom He wills. Indeed in that is a lesson for those of vision.”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:13)

It is very obvious that the people who dont believe are disbelievers. Jews and Christians do believe but in something which is opposite to the teaching of Islam so they arent believers but disbelievers.

“Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them – out of jealous animosity between themselves. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah , then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account”

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:19)

So if they argue with you, say, “I have submitted myself to Allah [in Islam], and [so have] those who follow me.” And say to those who were given the Scripture and [to] the unlearned, “Have you submitted yourselves?” And if they submit [in Islam], they are rightly guided; but if they turn away – then upon you is only the [duty of] notification. And Allah is Seeing of [His] servants.

(Surah Ali ‘Imran 3:20)

To not mistaken verses and to know which verse is more valid for taking into consideration and following, it is more than important to know the principle of abrogation in Holy Qur’an. When we read Holy Book we will find that some verses are totally contradictory to one another and then we must know which one comes earlier or later. The chronological approach to them is very significant because all of them are true even if they are are opposed. The later is canceling the previous one but both are acceptable because Allah(swt) cant tell a lie. This means that no matter how the stories and explanations are different they all could be used when the time comes and that is why Holy Qur’an has dualistic nature.

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The differences between the Holy Qur’an from Mecca and the Holy Qur’an from Medina are also very visible. The Mecca Holy Qur’an is more into religious depth and even more pro-Jew while the Medina Holy Qur’an is more ideological oriented and against-Jew. In Meccan Holy Qur’an there are 960 words or 0,99% of Book regarding anti-Jew feelings. In Medinan Holy Qur’an, there are 9282 words or 16,9% of Book inspired by anti-Jew emotions. The reason for that is in the fact that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.v.s.) while he was in Mecca had relatively good relations with local Jews and since he moved to Medina, he had a clash with rabbis who rejected him as a Prophet.  However, we cant say that Holy Qur’an is just anti-Jew because it is also pro-Jew. It is not anti-Christian because it is also pro-Christian. The both truths are based on Islamic religion and they could be used.

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The dualistic nature of Islamic religion is not a problem in ages of peace but when it comes to the ages of war and tensions regarding different Gods, based on local or international interests, the dark side of moon comes out with no mercy. The manipulation with uneducated population of believers  by some paid scholars and their indoctrination into extremism is like ordered scenario. The vast majority of Muslims dont speak and dont understand Arabic language,  the language of Holy Qur’an. They could be easily manipulated by those who know The Holy Qur’an and who claim that they should hate Jews and Christians as kuffr because Prophet Mohammad(s.a.v.s) would do the same.They find some verses, made in certain period of  battle history, proving them how they should despise disbelievers. The believers are opinionated by those who state they speak Arabic and read The Holy Qur’an in original version. I am not referring here that all Muslim scholars are evil in spreading teaching but some of them are and their evil is spreading the fire among people.  Unfortunately, uneducated people of faith will accept the words of some scholar with no doubts, learning to hate People of Book as infidels rather than to accept them as brothers under the same God. That is the problem of dualism helped by ignorance of believers, opinionated by evil preaching of imams and scholars.

Sadly, but instead of preaching about peace  and compassion which is a core of all religions by themselves, some scholars are becoming extremists and collecting dollars for hatred instead of smiles of believers for sharing love.

“We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has come to you. So compete with each other in doing good. Every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding the things about which you differed.” (Surat al-Ma’ida, 48)

The Holy Qur’an was created in one specific period of time and most of the wisdom were based and produced from the experiences from the battle ground in that moment of history.It is completely normal that there are some verses about violence because it was the consistent part of all communities back in the past. What is not normal is holding on those negative verses and misusing ancient manners in the modern times against those who dont believe in the same God as you do. I am sure that for all of those hateful imams is much easier to talk about death and hell fire for disbelievers than about the pure  religious duties for believers. Why? They do not know how to preach anything else except for what they are paid to preach. It is not anymore about religion, it is about people, as always.

The Muslims must challenge each others about the crucial things in their own religion. They must stop accusing others for mess in Islam but they must address their own monsters who start the fire because they do not have any interests in peace.

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Personally, I believe that Islamic Religion has a lot of positive to offer and that Meccan Holy Qur’an is still waiting to be fully discovered by real believers who are poisoned day by day by ideology of Medinan Holy Qur’an. It is a time for all Muslims to chose to be pure religious instead of pure ideological and abused….for someone else’s sake.

There is no compulsion in religion but there is compulsion in ideology.


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