The goal of true jihad is to attain a harmony between Islam (submission), iman (faith), and ihsan (righteous living).”

– Mahmoud Ayoub

Is it?

The quote above, stated by famous Muslim scholar sounds more like an apology of innocent spiritual journey of every Muslim than like a holy war against infidels. Professor Fazlur Rahman Malik has used the expression  jihad to describe all the efforts of Muslim believers to obtain  “a just moral-social order“. Unfortunately, that moral-social order is not possible to be realized under western system of values and believes but only under Shari’ah Law, which is the highest law given to the Muslims directly from God. It is not surprising why many Muslims don’t want to accept any law which is not made by Allah, but it is also for expecting that they will try to force the rest of the world to submit themselves to that Allah’s Law. That is the main root of our intercultural and inter religious clash. With or without terrorism, Shari’ah Law doesn’t want to be limited on the area where the Muslims are but to be spread as the rule of God and to be accepted as the highest form of judgment. Those kind of observations don’t bring the possibility for peace but rather open the Pandora’s box and chance for political Islam to be used and misused all over.

As far as I understand Islam, and I am aware of the facts that there are so many options for studying Qur’an, Shari’ah Law is a crucial goal and the jihad is the method of achieving it. Usually, when it comes to jihad definitions, people are automatically think that is a synonym for Islamic terrorism. It is more than naive.Why? Because the jihad is a part of Islamic terrorism agenda and strategy but the jihad also  plays more  sophisticated game, which is behind diplomatic relations, cultural activities or economical cooperation. Jihad is not only visible through the cheap terrorism. Jihad what is covered by political aspirations and world wide “peaceful interests ” is more dangerous and has long-term influences.


Bill Warner, an expert for Political Islam issues,  was writing about The For Jihads and was trying to define that there are also jihads which we  should be informed about and be prepared to not get into the “soft easy trap”. He states that there are four kinds of jihad: the jihad of murder, the jihad of money, the jihad of  speech and the jihad of writing. This is his classification based on his own research. The mentioned author believes that the jihad of money is the most serious attack on our civilization progress because the oil money  comes on our universities and shape our educational framework. Not better is that kind of  “the cultural jihad” which changes the paradigms in the whole new editions of books or media information. Most of the time, it seems that Islam is praised and every opposite opinion is not allowed or it is punished and censored.

All of these jihads are very tightly connected and one can’t make success without another. The logic is obvious. If you don’t have money, you can’t make influence on the educational networks and also on the political ground. When you have money, you can change all you need to change and to make all excuses you need for other jihads. The jihad of murder is the hard core of spreading of Shari’ah law and it could be practiced through the Islamic terrorism. When the jihad of money controls the media and the jihad of speech and writing forms the public opinion, Islamic terrorism could be presented in one day as a fight for freedom and justice. Everything comes together like in a puzzle.

The Muslim jurists come out with their own categories of jihads:

  1. Jihad of the heart/soul (jihad bil qalb/nafs) which is some kind of spiritual struggle for a believer, internal battle.
  2. Jihad by the tongue/pen (jihad bil lisan/qallam) – which is compatible to Warner’s the jihad of speech and writing, verbal and written defense of Islam but also its spread.
  3. Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad)- obligation to combat injustice and do what is right ( whatever is that ” right”)
  4. Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)- fighting for Allah and on His way. In other words, it is Holy War, referenced so many times in Qur’an and mostly against non-believers.maxresdefault

 It happens regularly that the last two jihads are considered as one- holy war. But I like to think that jihad by the hand is an introduction into the jihad by the sword. First of all, Shari’ah law is an absolute law and it annihilate all other laws. If we understand that in some western country there are majority of Muslims who find themselves offended by human laws, they will consider that society as an oppressive and injustice  and they will be able to demonstrate against it and to open the door for jihad by the hand. Afterwards, if nothing helps, come more serious systematical and violent changes which will hit us all. It is more than a simply, Muslim highest set of rules, incorporated in Shari’ah Law doesn’t let anything else to coexist  and it will treat it  as an insult.

Personally, I think that the western Muslims have more freedom here in the West to enjoy their religion than they really have had it in their home lands. They can choose which part or what dimension of Islam they will follow and how often they will practice it. In their origin countries, they aren’t able to choose, they must accept and  do not question it. To me, it is more than a delusional that some of them are demanding Shari’ah Law in the middle of European democracies, when they have escaped the ISLAMIC RULES and ran away from its strict policy towards the lack of religious discipline. We all know that western democracy would be dead in Islamic zone as well as we should keep in mind that Shari’ah Law would make our democracy toxic and make it extinct .

The BIG NO to the forced and uncontrolled Islamic immigration on the west is not a result of right-wing extremism or European patriotism colored by fascism. It is a clear knowledge of what could or would happen if many Muslims come to the West and start asking for their rights and start forcing their rights upon ours. We don’t have similar cultural, religious and political heritage. It is totally contradictory  what our politicians are trying to make, to let the snakes and frogs playing in the same pond and to feed no one. That wont work. It is not anymore only  about the Islamic terrorism challenge  but also about the malign spreading of Islam through the silent jihads. Multiculturalism will be eaten in Shari’ah law in one day. You can convert or you can be annihilated . The medium phase is the third-class or Dhimmi status for the people of Books. All of them aren’t the products of multiculturalism mastermind. They are the outcome of repressive system which feeds itself through the fear of punishment.

The four jihads are synthetic cover for the real idea of making ISLAMIC EMPIRE, THE CALIPHATE based on Shari’ah Law and absence of any freedom, especially not for infidels. There is a more  serious story behind beheading of non-believers by Islamic terrorists. They are only blood-thirsty jackals. Real game leaders are polite and kind, and they are paying to your media to not tell you the truth behind the truth.

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