Child Abuse in Islamic Terrorism: they were born to die for Allah

How Islamic Caliphate punish Allah’s children?


ISIS and its army of  child soldiers


The Child abuse in Muslim society is not so new phenomena, I would rather think it is deeply connected with the rise of Islamic terrorism and it is only colored by new ISIS colors in recent time. For years back, there are lot of evidences of children who are brainwashed in the name of terrorist activities, especially in Palestinian areas, Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir. Terrorists who were fighting against Israel and India believed that teenage boys can finish “the dirty jobs” so that is exactly how seventeen years old Afaq Ahmed Shah, equipped with explosives, drove his car and directly in the Indian Army headquarter  triggered the explosion  and caused the injury of many people over there. According to the information of Indian intelligence service, this young boy was “educated” in the local mosque by local terrorist wolves. Almost the similar story follows sixteen years old  Palestinian, Issa Bdir, sent by  Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to carry out a terror attack in Rishon Letzion, Tel Aviv’ suburb. The young man was looking like  European backpacker and when he ended up blowing himself up, and hurting so many tourists and local people, it was considered as one of the youngest sheeheds in that time. There are many of similar cases around the global war points, where Islamic terrorism is feeding itself with the blood of innocent children, sacrificed for the abstract interests of militant Islam.

How is possible that one religion approves it or at least not fight against that sick trend of child martyrs ?If we analyze the Palestinian model of fight against Israel, we will  be able to see that the whole conflict is spread on misuse of women and children, against the army and the whole state. It is not reserved for adults to fight with adults, it includes even the newborns and small children, who are some kind of protective shield for militants. The old shocking photos of small children who were throwing away the stones on Israeli army were accepted in media as the proof of monstrous policy of Israel towards Palestinians. I am not referring here on the political meaning and diplomatic background of this clash,the only what I would like to elaborate is the frame of this child abuse in Muslim society in the fake set of rules for imaginary  pleasure of Allah.There is no God who would ever approve that His children suffer, and especially not for His glory. That is just a wrong  interpretation by wrong religious authorities, who pretend to understand the Holy Book and who have that luck to be exposed in public and to attract many weak souls and to make them join to their death cult. I am firmly believer that there are no evil books but there are only evil people who have evil strategies for their own selfish greedy interests.

If we know that Muslim society is well known that celebrates sons and the importance of man in the society, we also know that comes from the fact that Empire could be spread only through the armies and what is the best than to give soldier for that Islamic empire, for Allah?Most of the people in Muslim societies live in rural conditions and they do not have independent spirit but only a local imam who lead them and shape their opinions and believes. Those who are educated aren’t brainwashed and they are far away from any radical religious man who tell them to conquire the world of infidels. The problem is the big population of those who dont have anything but their imam who read Qur’an for them and tell them that Allah will be satisfied only when the blood of their children feed the father’s lands. They dont have anything to be proud about but they are ready to give some of their sons to the dark side of Islam, so they can be proud that their sons give life for Allah or whoever that God is.Giving their sons to the flame of death, they start living through the primitive approval of the society and their own animal mindset that their cubs were sacrificed for the tribe. One mother of Palestinian sheehed explains it this way:“I was very happy when I heard. To be a martyr, that’s something. Very few people can do it. I prayed to thank God. I know my son is close to me.”Those kids are learnt from the day one to hate western materialism and to never give up fighting against kufar. Israeli counter terrorism experts always emphasize: “We will know that the war is over when they start loving their own children more than they hate Jews” 


Even if those children dont end up like martyrs, they become infected with terrorism virus and their whole life is formed under the corona of terrorism, for Islam or against those who insult Islam . The social psychology thinkers assume  that the childhood origins of terrorism have the big influence on occurring of all of these fanatical terrorists and their war madness. Most of them were the victims of abuse in their childhood, terrorized by father or uncle, learnt to not trust anyone but only to die for Allah, when the time comes. Like the serial killers profile, they are used on violence and that is the only language they speak. The broken core of Islamic societies, destroyed by so called religious leaders, make new generations of the children who know only to hate, who were born only to die, for the trivial goals and lost common sense.

So when I heard that the children of the Caliphate are the new Islamic terrorism force, the new fuel of hate engine of The Islamic State, I was more sad than surprised. When you merge all these broken societies, based on aggressive indoctrination and lack of intellectuals who would stand up against it, in one mess full of fear and threats, you can do whatever you want. That is exactly what ISIS-ISIL-DAESH does. Collecting the children all over the caliphate, turning them into the new army. Some of them have 5, 6 years. Others are 8, 9 or even 12. They are  all going to some kind of jihadist school, lead by the terror group’s Al Farouq Institute in Raqqa. They have theoretical classes but also practical and the whole education process is the pure brainwashing and indoctrination so the best of them can become suicide bombers. Al Farouq is the child terrorist factory, the famous  theater for scaring Youtube videos where small boys are beheading their toys. The British Independent wrote one article about young Nasir, boy who escaped from that ISIS hell. He was claiming that the terrorist leaders pretended to be better than parents to the captured children and the final goal was to convince boys to execute their parents, which was the first stage of suicidal bomber career.Usually, some of the boys made that bloody journey and eliminated their fathers or bothers or even both, under the belief that those made crime of apostasy, leaving religion rules. That is very easy way to attract young minds, to gather them into the pack and to tell them they must hunt those who attack the pack. Terrorists leaders are using some of the worst methods in suggestive psychology to gain their results and to make their sick idea of the Caliphate works.


Instead of worrying what worse could come  from the evil world of ISIS, we should focus our efforts to help the children abused in that world and to inform however we can about the all potential abuse.

These kind of abuse are happening here in the  western world too. While we are having our lunch or fitness break, some mad terrorist supporter, placed in some hidden mosque,  is teaching young weak boy  how to hate us and how to join to those who want to eliminate us. Education is the answer on every fanaticism. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. For our youngest, brainwashing life is forced and not chosen, They need help. Our help. We need to help them and to help ourselves.


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